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Hi, I am Lynne Maltby of LMM Design Envision and I thank you for visiting my online home.
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About Me!

As a qualified Mechanical Engineer, former Home & Landscaping Designer, Estimator & Draftsperson and Interior Design Diploma Graduate, I have always loved the design world in one form or another. With today's technology ever evolving, and my path in life evolving too, I now create in the world of Website and Graphic Design.


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My Rates

My fees will vary, depending on the Project and what's involved. However, as a rough guide, the majority of the Graphic Design work I do is currently based on an hourly rate of $70.00/hour AUD. As an example, flyers on average may take around 2-3 hours if a solid idea of the client's required style and what they want to say are known.

As for websites, a simple site with 5 pages, including Home page, About page, and couple of information pages and a Contact page would currently be $1500.00 AUD. The fees will increase from here for more complicated sites, e-commerce sites etc. For website management, updates etc. my current fee is $70.00/hour AUD.

Please contact me to discuss your project, so I may be able to give you a better idea of my fees for your unique design. Thank you.

Let's envision and create your next project together.