Business Location:

Townsville, Queensland

Service types:

Flyers, Advertisements, Banners, Online, Magazines & more

Services provided since:


Sundalah is a small business, based in Townsville, Queensland. Sundalah offers a variety of programs for all ages including community events to inspire, educate, motivate and unite people through choices in whole health and self-study.

Lynne at LMM Design Envision has been designing for Sundalah since 2012, as part of a long-term relationship with this business.

Sundalah and LMM Design Envision have partnered in publishing the Sundalah CommUNITY Magazine, a Townsville local health and wellness magazine, which has been evolving since 2013. Currently the magazine has up to a 5000 print distribution as well as online publication and a separate website which is managed by LMM Design Envision.

Following is a selection of the designs created for the client by LMM Design Envision.

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