Be Well With Barb


Business Location:

Mackay, Queensland


Information, 5+ pages

Completion Date:

2022, 2015


Client provided images, stock images by Unsplash.

Be Well With Barb is a sole trader, small business based in Mackay, Queensland. The owner is a Health, Wellness & Breath Specialist, specialising in physical activity programs to improve quality of life.

LMM Design Envision has been working with the owner since 2014 and has recently carried out an upgrade of this website after 7 years of operation, which is quite an age for a website.

For both the new website, as well as the previous version, the client wished to create a website with a calm, light, breezy feel, "just like being by the beach". The website was to display the client's specialties as well as her qualifications. Links to the client's other business ventures were to be prominant.

Website Image 1
Website Image 2

About the Site

Site pages were to be neat and easy to read. The client's various specialties were to be separated into relevant pages with interesting links to each from the home page. The client has a newsletter, so a subscription signup area is used in the foooter area.

The client's various associations were to be shown using logos with external links to relevant websites.

Website Image 3
Website Image 2

Site Pages

Images of activities were added to relevant pages. The company's accreditations and associated organisations were required to be displayed prominantly.

The client requires regular updates to her current status and so needed the website to be able to be updated with little time and fuss. Therefore, the website was developed using a Wordpress Content Management System (CMS). LMM Design Envision carries out requested updates for the client online on a regular basis (fee for updates is based on an hourly rate).

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