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Townsville, Queensland


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Northern Drones Services have been providing drone based aerial photography & videography services to the North Queensland region since 2016. They provide aerial imaging, photography and videography of a large range of subjects, producing award wining videos or images for production companies, as well as local and national news services.

Jeff at Northern Drone Services needed his existing website renovated, in order to better showcase the great range of services his company provides in the region. LMM Design Envision was happy to redevelop the website, which was located on his hosting service as part of their Wordpress offering.

Utilising the website staging service, a new website can be developed while the existing one is still online. Once the new website is ready to go, the service carries out the replacement of the old site with the new one.

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Home Page

The home page concentrates of describing the services offered and displays contact details in a variety of ways, so that the visitor can easily find them.

An About section gives a bit of history, shows accreditation and has counters, which animate as a catchy way to show the years of operation and projects completed.

All images on the website have the business's logo marked on them as a way to show copyright as this is very important to the client, being in this type of business. Images are not too large, but large enough for potential clients to see the work. It is a balance in todays internet.

One of the business's video projects is shown as a feature to illustrate the versatility of the company.
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Our Work Page

The Our Work page simply displays a selection of photographs taken by the business, as well as a selection of videos. An short explanation of each video project accompanies the video.
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Contact Details

The Contact Us page again displays contacts front and centre and has a Frequently Asked Questions section, which helps visitors with any questions they might have before contacting the business for a quote, which is the main goal.

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