Business Location:

Townsville, Queensland


Membership, Information, 20+ pages, E-commerce

Completion Date:

2019, 2015, 2013


Images generally provided by client, Stock image used for colour and feel in headers and footers.

Sundalah is a small business, based in Townsville, Queensland. Sundalah offers a variety of programs for all ages including community workshops and events to inspire, educate, motivate and unite people through choices in whole health and self-study. The client's business is centred on bringing the community together and so the website needed to advertise various like minded local businesses in an interesting, modern manner and provide links to these businesses.

LMM Design Envision has worked with Sundalah to create a new website for 2019, as Sundalah wished to further develop the Business Listing side of the business into a membership style offering. This replaced their previous website, which LMM Design developed in 2015.

Upgrading your website on a regular basis is recommended, to keep up with modern technologies and standards.

The business's endeavours continually evolve. To accomodate this and allow regular website changes and updates, the website was developed utilising a Wordpress Content Management System. This allows the organisation to make their own general updates if they wish, or LMM Design Envision is happy to complete updates for them (fee for updates is based on an hourly rate). A simple tutorial in the operation of the CMS is included in the website design fee.

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Business Directory

The website's Business Directory is focused on health and wellness services in the local region and is an important part of revenue generation for the business. The look and feel of the directory was very important to the client.

Businesses can purchase listings on the website and populate/update their listings to suit their offerings. They can choose from levels of membership to add more inclusions over and above their listings.

Businesses who list on the website needed to be able to login easily and create attractive looking listings, with not too much fuss. The client wished to be able to provide subcategies for listings and allow the businesses to select from a growing range of types to quickly describe their business and allow a search to find them relatively easily.

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Other Business Facets

As well as a greater emphasis on the local Wellness Directory, Sundalah provides a variety of other offerings, such as holistic workshops and yoga-based programs for youth. Sundalah also publishes a yearly magazine which is funded through local advertising.

All of these various facets of the business needed to be displayed in a way that can be changed/updated. E-commerce solutions needed to be incorporated, with PayPal and Direct Deposit options.

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Finding out more

The owner of Sundalah wanted to connect with the visitor and so a bio was included, together with a history of the business.

Growing the Sundalah CommUNITY has always been a constant, and therefore a Newsletter Subscription optin was included on all main pages. A popup Signing option was also added so that visitors are reminded to sign up in a varietyof ways.

Addins have also been incorporated for disabled access, to allow the site to comply with the intent of WCAG requirements.

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