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Townsville, Queensland


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Water View International Consulting provides exemplary, independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve their client’s operations. They operate throughout Australia and Internationally, however their focus is to provide a cost effective business for Northern Australia.

This website has been designed with a view to expansion in the future, as the business's areas of expertise continue to evolve and expand. The layout is simple with multiple ways to link to the business's services and can be added to at any stage.

To accomodate this and allow regular website changes and updates, the website was developed utilising a Wordpress Content Management System.

Recent additions on the back end of the website include Analytics, so that the client can get a snapshot of traffic trends on the website. From here, the client can be informed as initiatives such as SEO are implemented.

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Home Page

The home page introduces the visitor to the website and the services currently offered. The Services offered are shown as a slider with a lead in and the visitor is encouraged to learn more. Sliders with controls allow pages to be relatively uncluttered but offer easy access to more information as desired.

The Mission, Vision and Values Statement for the business is prominent on all pages and is a right hand sidebar slider.

The visitor is also encouraged to learn more about the business and staff.

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Information Pages

The information on subsequent pages of the website is displayed in an easy to read manner. The reader is offered additional links, videos and other information as required.

At the bottom of each page is a set of visual links to each of the business's specialties. The contact page is also very simple and uncluttered for easy reading and action.
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