Yoga Tools For Schools


Business Location:

Townsville, Queensland


Information, 20+ pages, simple e-commerce

Completion Date:

2020, 2017, 2015, 2012


Client provided images, Stock images by Unsplash

Yoga Tools For Schools (YTFS) is a Not-For-Profit organisation based in Townsville, Queensland. They provide Professional Development courses, Workshops and support to educators and others working with children in the region, with a view to being Australia wide in the future. Their aim is to improve wellbeing in both students and educators, as well as the larger community.

The organisation has recently come under a new board and the direction of the organisation is changing to have a bit more of an online training focus, as well as workshops. The new iteration of the website and online training courses is currently under development.

The client has always wished to create a clean, simple, easy to navigate website that clearly emphasised the organisation's vision and goals.

Lynne at LMM Design Envision has designed websites for YTFS since 2012, as part of a long-term, sponsor commitment to this Not-For-Profit organisation.

Website Image 1
Website Image 1

About the Site

The organisation has until now conducted face-to-face professional development trainings and workshops, as well as other fundraising events and previous websites were developed to suit this structure.

However, with the change of concept of the organisation, the website had to be completely redeveloped to incorporate the online training abilities required.

Hence, the new 2020 version of the website has been developed on the Thinkific Platform. Thinkific allows online courses to be developed, as well as a supporting website with standard layout abilities.

As the new website develops further, this summary will be updated to suit the changes.

Website Image 1

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