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Townsville, Queensland


Information, 20+ pages

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Client provided images, graphics by LMM Design Envision

YogaHealth is a small business based in Townsville, Queensland. YogaHealth is Townsville's largest professional yoga centre. They have a large public studio where they conduct a variety of yoga classes and workshops, taught by various local instructors. The business is also a venue for other health and wellness associated events. YogaHealth also has a small shop, but did not wish to utilise e-commerce at this stage.

The client's vision of the website was serene, light and clean. The modern trend of displaying images with links to various website pages appealed to the client.

Website Image 1
Website Image 1

Home Page

Due to the nature of the business, links to a simple to read interactive timetable, price list and descriptions of classes needed to be easy to find. Incorporating this requirement with the image link style of website added interest to the home page.

Website Image 1
Website Image 1

Instructor Offerings

Displaying the various class instructors available, as well as links to the class instructors bio and details was important to the client. The timetable also offered links to the instructor's pages.

All pages other than the Home Page also included a sidebar with a quick access menu as another option to negotiate the website.

Website Image 3


A contact form was placed at the footer of each page, as well as contact details, opening/closure times and associated businesses. A standard contact page was also added.

Items needed to be capable of being updated/changed on a regular basis, either by the client themselves or on request to LMM Design Envision.

The website therefore was developed using a Joomla Content Management System (CMS). A simple tutorial in the operation of the CMS is included in the website design fee or LMM Design Envision is happy to carry out updates for the client as requested (fee for updates is based on an hourly rate).

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