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Youth RESET is a social enterprise founded by Jasmine Healy-Pagán of Sundalah and currently funded by those that support Sundalah CommUNITY Townsville. This empowerment program supports young people aged 12 to 18 years with life skills that develop self-awareness and self-regulation through body, breath and mind yoga practices.

Sundalah has worked with LMM Design Envision on a number of projects, both business and social enterprise based. This great youth initiative is another wonderful vision brought to life by Sundalah and it was a pleasure to help develop this vision into a reality in some small way.

The website serves the purpose of introducing visitors to the Youth RESET vision and allows interested youth to register for upcoming community classes. The feel was to be spacious and flowing, easy to navigate and interact with.

The website has been developed using the Wordpress Content Management System (CMS).

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Home Page

The home page takes the visitor on an introductory journey to learn what Youth RESET is and why it is needed in today's world. The landing section has a looping video with youth enjoying a RESET session.

Visitors can click on the question links to be taken to each section or they can scroll through. Parts of the client's logo are used as elements of the web design.
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Registration Call to Action

Once the visitor has aquainted themselves with the RESET ethos, they are encouraged to Register for an Upcoming Community Class. Upcoming classes are shown as well as links to the Registration Form.
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Page Layouts

Page headers are serene and lead the visitor to register. Page content is spacious, light and in line with the social enterprise's branding.

Expanding Frequently Ask Question modules on the About page encourage the visitor to interact further with the website.

A Contact Form is included at the footer of each page and on a dedicated Contact page. A Testimonial Slider is also included here, as well as Sponsor acknowledgements and other contact details.
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